A look back at 2020

14 December 2020
Rebecca Noble

2020 has been a year like no other. With Christmas just around the corner we look back to see what we have achieved together during this tumultuous year.

As this year draws to close, here at MuchLoved we've been looking back, to see how we've all coped with the unprecedented situation we've all faced, and to see what we've achieved this year. Even though this year has been incredibly hard, not least for those in the funeral industry, by working together we have still been able to achieve great things.

This year has proved that whatever life throws at them, the great British public still care for others. Whilst we've seen a small drop in the average value of a donation to a tribute page, we have also seen the number of donations increase hugely. In 2019 on average we saw over 9,000 donations each month on our platform, this year we have seen on average 23,600 donations each month, and this shows no signs of slowing. This has meant that this year we have raised over £11 million this year for good causes.

Here are a few of our key numbers for this year:

Alongside the huge increase in donations, we've also seen families use our service as a way to remember and pay tribute to their loved ones. Throughout the year over 100,000 virtual candles have been lit, over 50% more than in 2019.

Virtual gifts were only introduced in February, so we can't compare to last year, but we have seen their numbers increase to over 1,000 each month. Our most popular gift during the festive season is our 'Christmas Teddy', that families are adding to pages with special messages and wishes.

Although this year has been very, very difficult, especially for those bereaved and for the funeral industry working tirelessly to support them, working together we have still achieved amazing things. You have helped us provide a special way to remember loved ones, and you've helped us raise millions of pounds for good causes, to help those that need it most. Thank you.

If you're interested in learning about how you can work with MuchLoved, contact our support team on 01494 722818 or email support@muchloved.com


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