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26 October 2017
Sally Swann

Please vote for MuchLoved in the Aviva community awards, so we can offer online bereavement counselling.  Click here to vote

GriefChat is a way of connecting bereaved people directly to trained bereavement counsellors through a live chat programme, which can be hosted on ANY website.

This service has been developed by MuchLoved's very own Catherine Betley who has a particular interest in end of life and bereavement care and has been involved in managing counselling and therapy services throughout her career.    GriefChat, using today's technology, will enable MuchLoved to expand and improve our support for bereaved people to give them more and better information about grief and loss and really change the way in which they are able to access bereavement support and counselling services.

We know that in the UK it’s very hard to gain fast access to mental healthcare and counselling services and in the same way that we revolutionised the way in which people remember their loved ones, we now want to change the way in which they can get help.Vote for MuchLoved here

With Aviva funding, we will establish an online chat function on which will enable bereaved people to talk directly to grief counsellors about their loss, how they are coping, what help they need and how they can get this, in order that they are able to better cope with their grief and begin to come to terms with their loss.

Our GriefChat service will be provided by qualified, experienced bereavement counsellors who will be able to quickly help and support people to get the information and care that they need, when

they want it. We know that there’s nothing like this in the UK at the moment and with our experience of both technology and bereavement, feel well-placed to offer it.

MuchLoved's GriefChat will benefit a lot of bereaved people. MuchLoved homepage alone gets more than 144,000 hits per year, so if only 20% of the people who visit us engage with GriefChat we would expect that almost 30,000 bereaved people will benefit from better advice, support, information and access to counselling.

Bereaved people tell us that it’s hard to cope after someone important to them dies, and also that it’s difficult to access community support for bereavement. With this grant, we can change this and really make a positive difference to the lives of people across the UK.

Please support us by voting for us.

For more information on GriefChat click here


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