Why Online Reviews Help Build your Business

8 March 2022
Rebecca Noble

98% of people who shop online will read online reviews, at least occasionally, to make a purchase decision.* With so much online competition, reviews matter.

MuchLoved provides an independent, moderated review service, which is FREE for all of our partners. Reviews are easily added to your website, and can help drive traffic and grow your business. Read our top five reasons why reviews are so important, and add them to your website today.

They let you hear from your customers

Hearing from your customers is crucial to improving your business. If you have no feedback, you'll never know what needs improving, even if it's just small changes that could make a big difference. Reviews allow you to get honest, regular feedback from customers, and by responding to them you can also help build long-term relationships with the families you work with.

They build trust

With people bombarded with information when they search online, trust matters, especially with such a sensitive topic as funeral arrangements. On average, consumers read ten reviews before feeling able to trust a business and committing to a product or service.* Using our review service means a family can begin to build trust in you and your business before they have even spoken to you.

Glynn Satterly, Funeral Director of Church View Funeral Services said;

"MuchLoved's review service has been great for our business. It's wonderful to hear what our families have to say and share this directly on our website for potential clients to find quickly and easily. Reputation is so important in our industry, and the review service really helps us build trust in our business."  

They make you more visible

Most customers use search engines like Google or even Facebook when they're looking for a service or a product. By having regular new content added to your website, it will appear higher up the search rankings, so more people will see your business.

They drive purchases

Like comments on social media, and shares and likes, reviews are a way people share their opinions online. Today online reviews are the biggest source of these opinions that customers look at, alongside your website, as your 'shop front'. We’re more likely to make a purchase or use a service if others around us - even total strangers - agree that it is a good decision.

They build your offline reputation too

When a family leaves a positive review for you on your website, they're also more likely to share those positive thoughts with others. They're more likely to tell their friends and family about their good experience, and help build your business' reputation even further in your community.

Top Tip: One thing that is increasingly important to consumers, is if a business responds publicly to their reviews, good or bad ones. 55% of people say that a business responding to a review makes them feel positively about the business, and inclined to engage with them.

Don't forget: You can also learn more about using our review service and watch a video guide on how it works on our Funeral Director Support Site.

If you'd like to find out more about adding reviews to your website, or would like to find out more about working with us please contact our support team on 01494 722818 or email support@muchloved.com

*Source: Brightlocal.com


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