New for 2020: Virtual Gifts

18 February 2020

MuchLoved's latest innovation is now live

Family and friends can not only light candles on a loved one's tribute page, but now they can also choose from a selection of beautiful images to leave as gifts. They can add a bouquet of flowers, write a special card for Mother's Day or Father's Day, or even send a virtual teddy bear on a special occasion.

There are a wide range of gifts to choose from for all occasions, including seasonal gifts to mark special events such as a birthday or Father's Day, and even virtual cards that can be added to a page.

Families will be able to share their chosen gifts via social media, and allow wider family and friends to send gifts too.

The perfect way to support your families

Our new virtual gifts are a fantastic way to engage with your families over the longer term and offer your clients a way to remember their loved ones on milestone moments.

Once you hand over the funeral notice to the family you can let them know about virtual gifts, as an extra special way to remember their loved one.

You can also send a virtual gift or card to the family on their page, perhaps on an anniversary, through your Partner Area. Quick, free and easy to use, virtual gifts are the perfect way to show your support over the longer term, and help build strong relationships with your clients.

To find out more about using virtual gifts call us on 01494 722818 or contact our support team.


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