Why Tribute Pages Matter

9 February 2021
Rebecca Noble
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On a practical level, it's clear why MuchLoved's service can make a difference to a funeral business. But what do we offer your families, the customers that you work so hard to support?

Unlimited funeral notices, live streaming displays and easy donation collection are just a few of the ways MuchLoved provides business-level services to our partners. But we are a bereavement charity, and supporting grieving families is at the heart of everything we do.

Share memories, photos and messages

Our tribute pages are designed to give bereaved families a safe, meaningful space to remember their loved ones, to bring them comfort at the most difficult of times, and into the future.

Each page allows a family to upload photos, music and videos, along with messages of remembrance and memories. Pages can be totally customised and can be made as unique and special as the person being remembered.

Family and friends can connect wherever they are in the world, and reminisce, to celebrate the life of the person they've lost, and share their memories across the miles.

An enduring memorial

All of our pages are free of charge for families*, and are theirs for as long as they want. This means that a tribute page, once passed over to the family to administrate can become a long-term memorial to their loved one.

Our tribute owners tell us that they find comfort in being able to visit their page whenever they want. One person told us it was like having a 'memory in their pocket', whenever they needed to feel connected to the person they had lost.

Milestone moments

Some milestones and occasions can be particularly hard for bereaved families - Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries, and special family occasions.

Our pages allow families to mark these days, by lighting a candle or adding a virtual gift or card to their tribute page. We've been told by our page users that this brings them comfort, and can help to make these days a little easier.

Fundraising in honour

Finally, and crucially, our pages allow families to do something tangible in honour of their loved one. Not only can they choose to accept donations for one, or several, good causes, but they can also add fundraising events to their pages. Together, families can use their page to take on challenges and raise funds in honour of their loved one, and keep their memory alive. Being able to actually do something, and achieve something can often be cathartic for families, and help them in their grief.

To date, MuchLoved has raised over £70 million for good causes up and down the UK. In 2020, over 36,000 tribute pages were created, and 100,000 virtual candles were lit in remembrance on pages. Our goal is to provide a dedicated online memorial space for anyone that needs it, and more and more families value this special way to remember their loved ones.

*We provide 100mb of storage space for free automatically with each tribute page, and it costs just 99p for each further 50mb if a family does want to add lots of video or multimedia files. 


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